quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

A nossa poesia 2

I like to watch people walking in the streets
I like to smile at them
I like to watch people in the aeroport meeting their loved ones again
I like the sounds, sounds like the rain, waves, the leaves of autumn under my shoes and the sound of snow in a very cold winter morning
I like smells too
I like the smell of autumn
I like the smell of sweet popcorn
I like the small mosaïqes of Brasil
I like the sun in early spring
I like to have coffee with my friend in a small coffeehouse
I like to stay awake talking or just staying silent
I like to have time in the morning to read bible, have breakfest and drink coffee
I like to visit my friends, have tea and sympathy :)
I like my grandmother who sends me messages in facebook
I like expressons
I like music, at the moment especially Jason Upton
I like to watch windows of big houses when it's dark
I like birds
I like clouds
I like moon
and stars and the northern lights
I like to just talk with people and know what they think
I like when somebody makes me laugh
I like learning to play piano
I like singing, especially with someone
I like benches in parks
I like trainstations
I like you my friend!

I don't like to watch tv with many people
I don't like to say goodbyes
I don't like when I stay too long doing nothing
I don't like when I cannot talk with my friends normally but I have to use internet
I don't like too crowded places
I don't like fights
I don't like when people don't listen to each other
I don't like social differences and how people get used to it
I don't like that it's so hard for people to appreciate what they have
I don't like injustice
I don't like the smell of caju
I don't like to lose my rings
I don't like when I don't have time to stop to talk to people
I don't like that I cannot be with everyone all the time
I don't like wake up after a nightmear
I don't like invitations in facebook
I don't like when the people that I love are sick or worried
I don't like when sometimes my father has stupid opinions that I don't agree
I don't like when somebody says something stupid to another one and I hear it and cannot do anything but see the expressons
I don't like when I hurt people
I don't like how I feel sick easier the older I get
I don't like when people cannot play anymore
I don't like to say GOODBYES

Por: Priscilla Nunes da costa Silva

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